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Extension hair has opened up the beauty world to a plethora of style options that can be changed on any given day. From straight to curly, to wavy and back to straight again you can make anything happen if you have the proper styling tools.

Like extension hair there are a lot of choices when it comes to tools, so how do you know which tool to use for what? Flatirons and Wands have become the go to choice for styling, as stylists have begun to move away from stove irons. Mainly because they have better control of how much heat they are applying to the hair when using flatirons versus a stove iron. Different tools work better for different types of styling and different types of commercial hair.

But as a general rule of thumb here are some tips to follow:

  • To achieve maximum styling options on 100% human commercial (packaged) hair you need a Flatiron that heats up to at least 450 – 460 degrees. Like you get with the Red Pro Titanium Flatiron. Another advantage to the Titanium Plate is that it leaves a smooth shine on the hair eliminating the need for a lot of product.
  • Normally with synthetic blended hair wigs/extensions you have a hard time finding a tool that you can use on the hair without burning it. So creating different style choices is usually not an option. But that is changing. With a tool like the new “Wig & Weave Styler” from KISS which was designed specifically to use on Blend Mix & Futura Extensions you can curl and or straighten synthetic hair extensions without fear of damaging the hair.
  • For that extra curly look, rod setting and sitting under a dryer for hours is no longer necessary. With Wands ranging in size from 1/2” and tapered to create smaller curls, to a large barrel that creates luxurious large curls full of body, you can have the mane you want in an instant. For an amazing head of curls, opt for the WAND that heats up to at least 450 degrees!

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