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Who doesn’t love a little color to spice up their life?

Who doesn’t love a little color to spice up their life? With a plethora of colors dominating the scene these days, your clients can be almost any shade of COLOR they choose. The only problem is that weave extensions are all the rave and it is not always easy to give them the ROCK STAR look they desire when you can’t find the weave colored extensions that will get the job done. So what should you do? Don’t panic, the answer is still in the bottle.

With the right combination of color mixtures the extensions can be in “COLOR Perfection” in no time at all. One line of color that has over 19 colors from which to choose and does a great job of saturating the extensions is Kiss Express Color.

Here are a few tips to help you achieve your own unique color on a weave extension when working with the brilliant colors of Kiss Express Color. This could mean big money for you as a stylist by adding another service to offer your customers. Begin by testing the colors on a paper towel. Pour a small dot of color on the towel to get a visual of what the true color’s appearance is. Once you see the colors on the towels you should have an idea of how much of each color to mix together. Mix the appropriate proportions until you achieve your desired color.

Saturate the extension hair with the color mixture. Make sure you are using a light colored extension in order for the color to take (IndoLaysian 613 extensions on www.ClickOnBeauty.Com work well). Once the hair is completely saturated, wrap it in foil and let it sit for 25 minutes. Shampoo the extensions, let them dry completely and admire the brilliance of your work.

Kiss Express Color image001-3RRR_Teyona_After30770 Kiss Express Color Pic