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Weave Revitalizer Kit / Serum 2oz - Shampoo 8oz - Conditioner 8oz

Get all 3 for 1 discounted price!!

Hair / Weave Revitalizer SERUM -

This Serum is the most Light Weight serum on the market, and won’t weigh Extension Hair Down.

The Refreshing Scent reduces odor and restores it to a more natural scent.

It restores the balance of SHINE & MOISTURE and brings Extensions back to Life.

Great for daily use on hair extensions and natural hair. 

Hair / Weave Revitalizer SHAMPOO 8oz

Wheat protein contains both proteins and amino acids.

The amino acids are readily absorbed by the weave extensions while the proteins coat the outer hair shaft, keeping the amino acids in place.

The result is shiny, healthy-looking extensions!

Also, Reduces Tangling and Removes Odor from the extensions. 

Hair / Weave Revitalizer CONDITIONER 8oz

This Conditioner Moisturizes and adds Body to Extension Hair.

Returns hair to its Original State and Doesn’t Weigh Hair Down.

Revitalizing Scent Leaves the hair refreshed.

Also gentle enough to use on natural hair.

The Weave Revitalize System Moisturizes • Reduces Tangling • Removes Odor

Returns hair to it’s Original State

Gentle enough for Daily Use

Leaves Hair Silky Smooth

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