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Ultra Thin Skin

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 Available in 5 Depths & 9 Colors 

The base design of this Men’s Unit is SKIN (thinner) 

  • Ideal for those who live an active lifestyle, such as running, swimming, athletic endeavors. 
  • You can style the hair in any direction. 
This hair system is ideal for those who want a realistic look, durability, and convenience but do not require breathability. Made with 100% real human hair. 

The PU Ultra Thin Skin is the lightest, best looking, most comfortable unit available. 

 NOT recommend for those in hot climates.
Choose Color
1-Jet Black
1B - Natural Black/Dark Brown
1+10% Grey
1+20% Grey
1+30% Grey
1B+10% Grey
1B+20% Grey
1B+30% Grey
Choose Curl Pattern

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