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BW Apparel Fashion News

September 24, 2020

BW Apparel Fashion News

When it comes to fashion, the bwapparel.com team has unlocked the key to being "Uncommon!" With style and finesse they are encouraging you to discover the Legacy you want to leave, and to live every bit of life in that moment. With a we must GRIND mentality they encourage you to Leave Your Mark on everything you touch and subsequently on the WORLD as a whole. 

This Unisex fashion brand with a logo touting BW as its mantra, encourages you to discover your own BW. Shad Moss (Bow Wow) the face and partnering owner of the brand, claims his BW as Brotherhood & Wealth. They feel strongly that everyone has a BW for their life. 

When asked how supporters have responded to #whatsyourbw this is what they had to say. "We love how our supporters have gotten on board with the idea of discovering what BW means to them. We have heard some great responses like, born winner, blessed and worthy, boss woman, ballin' and winnin'. It's a good feeling to hear these positive responses, especially since we are all about promoting positivity."

Their Mission is to deliver quality, fashionable products that inspire you to make a statement, to “Leave Your Mark" and boast a Legacy Building mindset, while pushing you to be the UNCOMMON denominator in common situations. 

With tees, hoodies, joggers, hats and more this trendsetting brand, with a classic feel is determined to keep their supporters in an Uncommon mindset that leads them to an unprecedented Legacy when it's all said and done. Catch them at bwapparel.com 24/7.

* Founding Partners include, Shad Moss, Fashion Designer Stan Stitchwell, Marketing Gurus Susan and Kamal Dorsainville, Toya Shields and Teresa Caldwell  

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