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Q6 Afro Wave Unit

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Available in 5 Depths & 10 Colors 

Men’s unit is made with French Lace with PU around the edge, narrow Lace in the front 

  • both durable and natural. 
  • The Q6 men's Afro Wave Unit shares the advantages of both lace and poly base materials. Lace base men's unit provides the greatest degree of breathability which is vital for warmer temperatures and sports. 
  • Easy to attach and remove plus the material is super strong.  
The Q6 combines both breathability, easy use, and durability, all in one unit. The Q6 looks great because of the graduated front hairline. Durability is provided by double knots for an extra natural look.
Choose Color
1-Jet Black
1B - Natural Black/Dark Brown
1+10% Grey
1+20% Grey
1+30% Grey
1B+10% Grey
1B+20% Grey
1B+30% Grey
Choose Curl Pattern

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